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Open Lithuanian Spearfishing Championship 2009

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Annual open Lithuanian Spearfishing Championship to be held on September 19-20 in the lake Galuonai
(10 km SE of Moletai city). Accomodation, registration, ceremony and evening party will take place at camp „Rūta“
(5 km East of Moletai)
Accomodation in the camp (20 to 50 LTL (6-15 EUR) per person depending on selected bungalo type) to be arranged personally in advance (highly recommended) or on arrival, by phone +370 686 66 750, e-mail
Tents or camper-cars also allowed.
Competition will last two days, 6 hours of spearfishing every day, competitors are to compete individually or in 2-3 person teams.
Participant fee - 50 LTL (15 EUR) including evening party, for accompanying adult persons - 40 LTL (12 EUR),
children free.
Mandatory competitors’ equipment items - knife, marking bouy.


September 18th, Friday –arrival day, accomodation.

September 19th, Saturday, first day of competition:

8:00 – registration, medical checks
10:00 – competition opening ceremony
11:30 – departure to starting points (by cars, total 3 points)
12:00 – starting time
18:00 – finish time
18:45 – weighting of catch, resume
19:30 – evening events (auction, sauna, party)

September 20th, Sunday, second day of competition:

8:00 – medical checks
9:30 – departure to starting points (by cars, total 3 points)
10:00 – starting time
16:00 – finish time
16:45 – weighting of catch, resume
19:00 – winner award ceremony, closing

Every enthusiast welcome!

Feel free to contact us in case you need some help.
Tel. +370 699 33230
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